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Priceless in Uxbridge Cast of Characters 1
Drew Harrison Anjie Harrison Edward Gilchrist Eleanor Graham Charles Gilchrist Rachel Nowicki

Drew Harrison (44)


He's sailing along and then hits a perfect storm. The film is about how he deals with it. He wasn't looking for his soul, but he found it in Uxbridge. He curates a group of misfits and together they find redemption when he launches a new gallery of his own.

Angie Harrison (37)


Drew's wife, mother to Ben (11). Ex-model, she thought she could do well in property, but she got credit-crunched. With Drew, she splashes down in the Grand Union canal. It's time for yummy mummy to rise to the surface.

Edward Gilchrist (56)

Art dealer/runs the Gilchrist Gallery

Edward is driven by business, not art. He's looking after the shop now that Uncle Charlie, the founder, is old and ailing. He decides to give Drew short shrift, preferring to satisfy Eleanor Graham's needs – all of them.

Eleanor Graham (52)

American heiress

She's cute but unattached. She's trying to sort out her late father's business affairs by selling his art collection. Eleanor thinks most contemporary art is junk. Expensive junk. She gets along with her London art dealer, Edward, very well.

Charles Gilchrist (70)

Owner of the Gilchrist Gallery

Charles founded the gallery in the 60s. He's an old roué who's happy to bend a few rules so he can enjoy life to the full. Sadly his run has come to an end. But not before one last killer deal.

Rachel Nowicki (32)

Art consultant

Well educated and cultured even though from humble Polish origins, with an artist brother, Pawel. Rachel works for the Gilchrist Gallery and looks after Eleanor Graham. She thinks all contemporary art is valid.