Priceless in Uxbridge Synopsis & Script

When artist Drew Harrison discovers that his ex-model wife Angie has invested badly in a commercial office scheme, they're forced to sell their luxury Docklands duplex and move to suburbia. They squeeze themselves, and young son Ben, onto a houseboat, moored on the Uxbridge spur of the Grand Union canal, directly opposite the vacant office – the source of all their misery. Local businessman Asif Singh brokered the deal. Let or not, he wants the full rent, every month.

Emergency auction

Meanwhile, Edward and Charles are handling the auction sale of a $500-million art collection for American heiress Eleanor Graham. Eleanor is being hounded by creditors of her late father's estate. Charles bids up at auction but the stress of success costs him his life. In their grief Edward and Eleanor form a new alliance forged from a heady mixture of love and self-interest.

Art for art's sake – money for God's sake!

Desperate for cash, Angie turns to investment banker Mark Chapman and persuades him to buy a couple more paintings to hang in the bank's swanky City headquarters – but at what price to her relationship with Drew? With certain bankruptcy looming Drew sets-up studio in the basement of the empty office and attempts to literally paint his way 'out of the corner'. Unfortunately his dealer rejects the new pictures and what really hurts is that it's his wealthy cousin Edward Gilchrist who runs the Mayfair gallery. Drew turns to his hospitalised Uncle Charles Gilchrist for guidance and gets more advice than he bargained for.

All the way to the end of the line

Stuck at the end of the tube line, Drew, Angie and Ben are battling on when art hustler and graphic novel addict Stuart Hudson chances into their lives. Tagging along with Stu is suicidal, short-tempered, stroke victim Elliot Armstrong. He's an ex-artist up on an assault charge. The disenchanted three strike-up an edgy alliance. Then Tim, an unemployable, amputee, ex-war correspondent and itinerant pub singer wise-cracks his way into their drinking circle. Meanwhile, his friend Cat is viciously assaulted by a gang of hoodies. They seek refuge in Drew's empty office.

A grand union – or is it?

Inspired by his young son Ben and with Angie's support, Drew takes on the role of leader and Cat, Stu, Tim, Elliot and Jay formulate a secret plan to solve all their problems – personal, professional and financial. Salvation is at hand when Asif announces that he has secured a tenant for the office – but this means Drew must face the ultimate dilemma … take the money or trust his instincts. Can he manage to do both? Edward and Eleanor make a high-profile media plea but the television news spot backfires with dramatic consequences.

What happens next is Priceless in Uxbridge …

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