Advertising concepts for asthma medication
specially formulated to make the client gasp
and help win the account for the agency

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If brand advertising is going to achieve anything it must achieve emotional engagement.

Advertising is the art of persuasion. But to persuade anyone of anything
it is first necessary to grab their attention.

Information overload and advertising pollution have perhaps led to a situation
akin to mass ‘attention deficit disorder’. Even so, it isn’t beneficial to be outrageous simply
to get attention. Do this and your audience and potential customers will surely feel
tricked or manipulated, even cheated or conned. A take-out that’s bad for any brand.

The essential consideration is how to ensure creative concepts maintain relevance
and integrity whilst grabbing attention and then engaging emotionally.

This, the first of three different brand advertising concepts, puts these principles into practice.

To maintain client confidentiality the real brand name has been substituted with Asthmatech.

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Concept Title: Death Mask





40 pixels spacerDeath Mask Concept Rationale

These concepts use striking images. They are completely relevant
and dramatise the problem, in this case the impact of asthma on the sufferer.

To offset the drama of the death mask images the ‘before and after’ technique implies the
effectiveness of using the medication and leaves a positive impression.

It has the added advantage of allowing the prospect make a direct association
with the face they see and means the core advertising concept can support
a range of different variants. These can be tuned to target a wide range
of market sectors by age and gender.

These attributes make the idea truly campaignable and capable of building brand recognition.

Concept Title: Twins





40 pixels spacerTwins Concept Rationale

There is something intrinsically arresting and engaging about the phenomenon of identical twins.

The common belief is that even though looking the same their personality and character can be quite different
from one another, while at the same time they maintain a special closeness or affinity.

In other words, the perfect visual device for conveying the brand characteristics of the product.

Concept Title: Crazy






40 pixels spacerCrazy Decisions Concept Rationale

It’s never usually a good idea to ridicule or belittle one’s target audience.
However, in this instance, solid research provided a clear picture that patients were being denied
a full range of asthma medication options because of restrictions in the decision making chain.

These campaign concepts were designed to identify, target and motivate a potential advocate
to break the inertia and disrupt the habitual ordering practices.

By exaggerating the real life situation it is possible to challenge the target audience
to get themselves off the hook and achieve the objective without causing any offence.



Performance enhancement positioning

Illness and ailments are often seen as weakness.
An asthma attack can be both distressing to the sufferer and embarrassing.
To address these issues the proposition was developed to position this new medication
more as a performance enhancement like a vitamin or energy drink rather than a drug.

This thinking in turn led to the idea of producing the inhaler in a range of colours
that would allow the user to feel it did not need to be kept concealed.

It was also a means of catering to the needs and personal tastes of all the different
sections of potential users and to further differentiate the brand.

The agency that commissioned this work from brandgarden did win the account.

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