brandgarden portfolio of branding case studies

This portfolio of branding campaign case studies contains only real life examples.
These examples of work have been selected from my favourite projects over the last few years.
The purpose of telling these branding stories is to demonstrate my strategic marketing and creative capabilities.
They are also presented in detail to inform, entertain and provide meaningful insights into the branding process,
analysed from a number of different perspectives and applied across full multi-channel campaigns.

I have a transparent method of working. I want my clients to know fully how their work was conceived and produced
because in my experience this engenders a strong sense of ownership of, after all, what is their brand.

My long held belief is that the more the process of branding is understood the better chance
the work will be exceptional both creatively and commercially.


Breathing life into healthcare


Easy rebranding by numbers


Sold 300 IT campaigns in 10 years


Point a British brand in the right direction


Big steps for a niche prestige brand


Train women to do the unexpected


Scrutinise the professional Stare


Respond if your money supply runs dry


Land Russian space crafts in London


Make a dog wind-surf and sky-dive


A brand future from the past


 Breaking a brand in two pieces


A cool name and packaging solution

In my career I have been fortunate to have worked with many exceptional clients and to have won their trust.

All the work displayed on these pages was produced by myself personally
or as the executive creative director of a small team of freelance creative specialists and technicians.

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