Scooping out a share of the
pre-packaged luxury ice cream market

It was a challenging brief: create a retail packaged brand for the biggest selling ice cream in Cyprus.
In its domestic market Pahitice sells its product on a wholesale basis through a very extensive network of ice cream parlours.
Pahitice was in the process of building a new manufacturing facility which could more than double production.
The objective was to create a pack with strong ‘impulse’ purchase appeal to compete effectively
with established brands, both here in the UK and all across Europe.

The first task was to devise a name for the product.
Then design all the packaging and finally to create all the point of sale and trade materials.
The name Paradice – with a “c” is very close to the company name Pahitice.
This was perceived as being a major benefit in communicating the name change in various
sales territories across Europe including the home market Cyprus.


The name Paradice inspired the branding theme, which used dramatic images of clouds
to convey the core brand value of heavenly taste. This worked so well that colourised images of clouds
were then used to represent the different flavours in the range
and formed the basis of all the packaging design.

A cool outcome on livery and point-of-sale

Paradice ice cream is manufactured in Cyprus by the company Pahit Ice Ltd. Based on an old traditional Italian recipe,
gifted from a Florentine Gelateria to the young Chris Pahitas, he founded the company in the late 1970’s,
refined the recipes for larger scale production and Pahit-Ice ice cream first went on sale in 1981.

Today there are over 50 flavours in the range, each one prepared with great skill and care
to ensure the fullest flavour and the greatest refreshment sensation.
This unique quality is achieved by using as many fresh and natural ingredients as possible:
fresh milk and cream and fresh fruit grown in Cyprus.


Since it all began over 40 years ago, Pahit-Ice has always been about quality; quality of service,
quality of presentation and above all quality of ice cream. Now that recipe for success is packed
and available for the first time in the UK.

After all, with our weather, doesn’t every one deserve to have
a taste of Paradice whenever they feel like it?

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