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Therium is a leading provider of third party litigation funding in the UK and internationally.
For many clients, pursuing a claim through litigation or arbitration is prohibitively expensive.

Even for those with the ability to pay, the uncertainty over the total cost, the potential for the legal costs
to escalate during the litigation and the uncertainty over when the case will conclude,
make the prospect of committing to fund a claim unattractive. The solution is to let Therium take on this risk –
and provide funding to pursue the case – on a no win no fee basis.



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This brand building direct response advertising campaign
had to generate quality leads and establish a credible image
for the new company to top corporates.

It was essential to convey the raison d’être of the Therium service
as concisely and as persuasively as possible,in the knowledge that a single lead
could be worth several million pounds.

This was the very first advertising the company had commissioned.
The advertisements were specifically targeted at senior decision makers
in large enterprises using a range of prestigious financial media.


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