brand strategy

Brandgarden can help you develop a potent brand strategy.
This can be done externally and completely independently. Or it can be done working in-house alongside your senior staff.
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The purpose of strategy is to find a space within the market for your product or service. Then to define the perfect positioning within that space for your brand.

Strategy will describe what your brand needs to be.

The development of strategy starts with gaining an understanding at what is happening in the market; an analysis of competitors, an audit of your current brand, results and sales analysis, customer feedback and demographics, market trends and other changes. As well as looking externally it is also necessary to take staff perceptions into account.

Most often it will be a mix of both because before taking a brand public it must first be embraced by the people within a company.

All these factors influence and affect the fortunes of a business and perceptions of a brand. They set the parameters within which your brand will function. Brand strategy will identify the opportunity, set the direction, marshall resources and focus entrepreneurial energy.

 brand strategy services include:

+ strategy formulation
+ brand audit
+ brand refresh advice
+ brand relaunch planning
+ market analysis
+ competitive research
+ sales results assessment
+ in-house workshops
+ positioning strategy
+ brand structure analysis
+ brain-storming sessions
+ blue-sky concepts
+ production budgeting
+ implementation planning

brand invention

There are a many creative utilities that Brandgarden can enlist to invent a new brand,
refresh an existing brand or extend a brand laterally. 
Brandgarden can harness a wide range of development methodologies,
creative disciplines, professional skills and freelance expertise to deliver the brand concept your business needs.
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Brands are invented. And as with all inventions brands requires the right balance of inspiration and perspiration. Having ideas is easy. Choosing the right idea and making it work is an exacting task. Because a merely clever idea only titillates the mind momentarily.

Producing a powerful idea is the end result of considerable hard work propelled by moments of insight and intuition.

The brilliance at the core of a successful brand engages the heart and over-rides purely logical and practical considerations. These brands are called premium and command higher prices. These brands also enjoy greater loyalty and longevity and produce higher profitability. Branding is about creating commercial value by conveying desirable values. Branding is a both a flag – which in military terms is also called a standard – and a business weapon; it rallies followers to it and then beats or subdues the competition.

Brand invention will exploit creative opportunities, maximise potential, formulate concepts, explore their scope and channel creative energy to conceive the exceptional.

brand invention services include:

+ branding concepts
+ creative development
+ creative research
+ mood/stimulus boards
+ range extension ideas
+ name research
+ name creation
+ logo creation
+ corporate identity concepts
+ image visualisation or selection
+ marketing collateral concepts
+ exhibition concepts
+ multi-media scripting
+ video & film storyboards

brand presentation

Brandgarden can help you develop a suite of brand assets. From compiling a library of images
and content to constructing a corporate manual to producing a corporate documentary film.
Call or email too discuss your requirements and to arrange a free consultation.

Synergy is the key to the optimum presentation of a brand.

Corporate identity is an essential element but it’s just a flag on the battlefield not a weapon. It is essential that the essence of a brand must remain the same and be consistent everywhere and in every situation it appears.

However, expression of a brand must be conceived to be effective as the medium, product, offer or situation requires.

To do this requires discipline and what can only be described as applied creativity.

Brand presentation is about managing perceptions of brand personality and building brand character. It is about protecting your investment in your brand whilst simultaneously growing it into a bankable business asset.

Brand presentation relates to every situation where your brand appears from business cards to exhibition stand, from signage and packaging to brochure and website to vehicles or even an explainer video.

Brand presentation will design and deploy the components that convey the values of a brand. It organises, controls and focuses brand communications to ensure a consistent brand character across all media channels.

brand presentation services include:

+ corporate video production
+ multi-media presentations
+ sales & product presentations
+ exhibition stand design & production
+ trade & business communications
+ logo and corporate identity design
+ corporate stationery design
+ corporate image guidelines manual
+ marketing collateral creation
+ sales literature production
+ graphic design & illustration
+ digital imagery & montage
+ point of sale creation and design
+ product packaging design
+ conference staging design
+ signage & banners
+ vehicle livery
+ graphic design
+ presentation writing

brand promotion

Brandgarden can help you develop a harmonised brand awareness
and sales promotion campaign. Brandgarden have the capabilities to orchestrate complex integrated campaigns
across the full spectrum of marketing communication channels.

Successful promotions depend on communicating a compelling proposition. But as a perceptive ad man once said: “It isn’t possible to sell anyone anything until you first have their attention”.

In terms of branding this is the heart of the challenge; to develop advertising that grabs the attention of the audience without undermining the values of the brand. The real creative task is to grab attention through building the values of the brand.

Both traditional print and digital marketing channels are incredibly noisy and competitive. Offer, price, deal, discount, incentive, gift, prize, challenge, content: how will your brand stand out, be noticed and stay true to character? Increasingly this requires a blend of brand advertising, combined with sales promotion, with elements of direct marketing, digital marketing deployed across multiple channels and social media. This is the new normal.

Brand promotion delivers the marketing communications that create awareness generate responses, drive sales and produce revenue or results.

Brand promotion services include:

creative and production of:
+ brand advertising
+ direct marketing
+ print, press and posters
+ direct mail campaigns
+ sales promotion initiatives
+ direct marketing
+ newsletter & magazines
+ catalogues & brochures
+ sales & marketing literature
+ press inserts
+ email campaigns
+ creative and art direction
+ project management

creative intelligence

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