Putting this traditional English
luxury shoe brand back on the world map

R.E.Tricker’s Shoes reassessed the presentation of their brand and decided to undertake
a number of marketing communication tasks. These including the redesign of their shoe range catalogue,
brand advertising and the design and construction of a new website.

A sensitive rebrand for this luxury traditional English shoe maker repaired its soul
and provided a brand new direction to reach top international customers

The compass and map branding theme appealed to the core customer base of globe trotting executives.
The compass icon was created digitally and applied it to all marketing materials creating a high level of synergy
and recognition and combined it with the new the tag line.

“Our world at your feet”


This customised compass with a ’T’ at its centre became the campaign symbol
and combined with a selection of antique maps. The concept visuals are shown below.
The resulting branding campaign broadened perceptions of the
Tricker’s brand across all market segments.


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