Two multi-component content marketing campaigns
for a world-leading software brand PeopleSoft




This project is an early and exceptional example of content marketing.
It was implemented by PeopleSoft a world-leading human resource technology company.
The entire programme was named, branded and executed by Brandgarden.

HR professionals like you need to be at the cutting edge of the latest trends and practices.
It’s particularly important in these times of constant, rapid change, when a company’s human capital
is its most valuable asset and intrinsically linked to its success.
The PeopleSoft Human Resources Leadership Programme has been designed
to provide access to incisive thinking from the world’s most renowned HR experts,
ideas which will ensure that you are at the forefront of HR practice.

A series of recruitment mailings directed individuals to the site to sign up for the programme
to receive regular papers and articles, access to the website to download white papers,
opinion pieces, research reports and other relevant information, including invitations to conferences,
lectures and presentations of note. The website was also used
to implement research across a range of subjects including:
Human Capital Management and Customer Relationship Management.
Plus Performance Measurement on which the programme scored impressively.




A programme to help customers gain an advantage




In parallel with the HR Leadership Programme PeopleSoft also launched its Customer Advantage Programme.
It is a tiered programme of content aimed at different audiences: customers and prospects, general and sector-specific.

Its purpose was to help existing customers gain the maximum business advantage
and return on investment from their PeopleSoft solutions by keeping them up to date
with the latest developments and thinking.

To deliver the maximum value the Customer Advantage Programme is split into three inter-linked components:

The Strategy Series, for senior managers and directors, reviews real-life business issues
and how PeopleSoft’s solutions can be used to address them.

The tactical Series, for operational staff, examines PeopleSoft’s solutions in more depth,
discussing how they work on an operational basis. Finally there are application overviews,
for managers and project teams, which examine the way Peoplesoft applications
support business process in more depth.

Topics covered include:
• Global Payroll • The integrated Enterprise • e-Procurement • Enterprise Performance• Management • eEquity

Brandgarden produced the imagery and all the marketing collateral across a large number of mailings.


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