An irreverent but totally relevant new
take on recruitment agency brand advertising

This “what if” concept was created to stimulate discussion
within an established recruitment business. It served to demonstrate
the potential benefits of looking at their recruitment proposition from a fresh perspective.

The copywriting approach proved that it is perfectly possible to use creativity
to get noticed and still remain totally relevant to the business mission.
The overall treatment is significantly more engaging and thought-provoking
than the average recruitment agency website home page or advertisement.
The resulting take-out is a completely unique set of brand perceptions.



The selection of music for marketing made easy
with this online sample and bidding system

This online business initiative and brand concept was produced
for a London based boutique music licensing agency.

(We came up with the name long before the mp3 tag clean-up software came to market.)
Our TuneUp idea was a combination of Spotify, eHarmony and Ebay.

Marketing creatives could search for and trial music for their commercials.
Music owners and artists could pitch music and bid for projects.

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