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Discover the profit potential of not having land

Kabina has designed a new generation of hotelships
providing unique accommodation in cities and remote sites.

Our design gives the space and convenience of a land hotel
with the mobility, amenities and independence of a cruise ship… the best of both worlds.

When tied up on a city dock our hotelships can be semi-permanent,
take in shore power and services and give guests an affordable,
new experience with privileged access to city centres.

When positioned in remote sites our vessels
become self-sufficient bases for exploration and adventure.
They leave no trace.

Our business plan

Kabina started up in June 2015 and has been busy on research and development,
creating our unique blueprint for a new generation of hotelships.

We believe we are very much of our time.
Our mission is improve the quality of temporary accommodation through innovation.
We don’t want to copy the past.

Our team includes expert marketers, designers, project managers
from both cruise ship and hotel industries.

Combining expertise from these diverse worlds gives Kabina a source of inspiration
and an ability to deliver something new that’s fun, efficient, affordable and environmentally smart.

Kabina is completing the ship design phase and we now aim to roll out
a fleet of hotelships around the world in cities and remote sites.

Calling all cities!

Many cities around the world struggle to accommodate visitors.
This is not surprising given the growth in air travel and the increase in price of land.
Yet most of these cities are ports with unused dock space.

Kabina wants to discuss this with city halls and port authorities.
We believe we have a great solution and we want to work at a local level
to help solve the accommodation problem.

Cities we are considering include London, Monaco, New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Singapore.

When a city hosts the Olympics, World Cup football or an Expo
it gets even harder to provide affordable accommodation.

That’s why we are talking to hosts about filling that need
in a truly sustainable manner.

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Remote sites

Kabina vessels are ideally suited to remote sites. They have all the independence of cruise ships
but can stay on station in a stable and secure manner for long periods.40 pixels spacer

01 Industrial Kabina

40 pixels spacerKabina can provide oil and gas companies with accommodation for their workers
or to expand capacity of tourism locations deploy them individually or in a cluster.

Hotel partners

We’ve opened our door to hotel partners, those specialising in the midmarket.

Our hotelships have great appeal and added value through unique locations,
quality of accommodation and onboard facilities, including leisure spa, gym, pool, cafes and restaurants.

We’re open to ideas to develop our model.
We’re currently looking at either Kabina hotel operation or a leasing model.

Capital providers

Kabina is seeking capital partners to fund the capex of ship construction.
Our proposition is that the vessels have a useful life of 40 years, are under quarter the cost of cruiseships
and can provide steady revenues across their whole life.

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Management team and advisers

Kabina has two founder director owners, Neil Cheston, MD and Guy Lane, Marketing Director.
We are looking to appoint a Hotel Director and Finance Director soon.40 pixels spacer

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Neil Cheston spent 30 years in the private yacht industry giving him particular insights
into the needs of guests and marine design.

Guy Lane has spent 30 years in brand development and marketing
and has valuable experience in private yacht charter.

Kabina is a private UK limited company.

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For more information about Kabina please contact

Neil Cheston
Managing Director
[email protected]
tel 33 612 103733

Guy Lane
Marketing Director
[email protected]
tel 44 7798 832576