The 5 factors of
rebranding success


“Don’t throw the baby out with the
bathwater” and “Evolution not
revolution”; Are these the guiding
principles of effective and efficient

Creative executions


This is a guide for anyone involved
in commissioning professional
creative work.

It’s hard to make things go perfectly
right all the time but making things
go badly wrong is dead easy.

You’ve got to be
good at your job
before you can enjoy
the rest of your life


All movies contain some element
concerning what people do to earn
a living.

The entertainment value that lies
within our fascination for how
other’s make their money 

This is a list of 20 movies that
truthfully portray 
the nature and
ethical issues 
of various kinds of
and business.

The gold standard of


Branding is like mining with the hope
of discovering a bit of magic. It can
be either a big expensive hole that
produces nothing much of value or
a tunnel leading to treasure.

One giant leap for
‘brand’ – kind


The world watched as the moon
was claimed 
by Americans.

To be responsible for one of
humanity’s greatest 
is the most singularly
successful piece of branding
in history.

Cultivate the brand
circle of life


A brand is living entity that requires
management, cultivation, nutrition,
maintenance, and protection. 
Gain a more complete understanding
of the nature of branding.

The social & digital dimensions of branding


It has never been more difficult to define precisely what a brand is – or perhaps it’s never been easier – because the term branding is now used to encompass every aspect of what a company does and how it does it.

The rapid proliferation of social and digital media technology has driven huge and significant change across the entire marketing and media landscape and has facilitated:

1) Influence: Consumers pay attention to and are influenced by the views and reviews of other consumers with whom they identify.

2) Access: Always-on and mobile technology means the utility of purchasing is combined with promotion and brand presentation.

3) Engagement: Customers, prospects and businesses can interact intimately and more frequently but has led to content fatigue.

4) Transparency: Businesses cannot any longer maintain the same level of privacy, secrecy or censorship.

5) Resistance: Overt selling techniques are resisted by many consumers which shifts emphasis to creating the desire to buy.

6) Fulfilment: The process of purchase is an emotional experience – buying is done emotional and then rationalised – it is about personal fulfilment.

The diversification of brand implementation – across multiple channels, in every type of communication medium, right across the planet, 24/7/365 – has placed a wide range of pressures on the notion of maintaining brand integrity.

Dissemination means diffusion

There are many reasons for this diffusion which can easily lead to confusion. The competition changes, the business landscape shifts, perceptions are altered; a company’s marketing responses to any one or all of these things can blunt a brand. New staff and different contractor all want to make their mark, add their interpretation or bend the brand to their immediate needs.

All brands become eroded over time. It is unavoidable.

No matter how well defined and implemented the core brand presentation, no matter how practical the brand guidelines, no matter how disciplined the marketing director, the presentation of a brand loses precision over time. The more and broader a brand is disseminated the more it becomes diffused. This is a natural process of use, wear and tear.

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