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Brands are invented. And as with all inventions brands requires the right balance of inspiration and perspiration. Having ideas is easy. Choosing the right idea and making it work is an exacting task. Because a merely clever idea only titillates the mind.

Producing a powerful idea is the end result of considerable hard work propelled by moments of insight and intuition.

The brilliance at the core of a successful brand engages the heart and over-rides purely logical and practical considerations. These brands are called premium and command higher prices. These brands also enjoy greater loyalty and longevity and produce higher profitability. Branding is about creating commercial value by conveying desirable values. Branding is a both a flag – which in military terms is also called a standard – and a business weapon; it rallies followers to it and then beats or subdues the competition.

Brand invention will exploit creative opportunities, maximise potential, formulate concepts, explore their scope and channel creative energy to conceive the exceptional.

brand invention services include:

+ branding concepts
+ creative development
+ creative research
+ mood/stimulus boards
+ range extension ideas
+ name research
+ name creation
+ logo creation
+ corporate identity concepts
+ image visualisation or selection
+ marketing collateral concepts
+ exhibition concepts
+ multi-media scripting
+ video & film storyboards

There are a many creative utilities that Brandgarden can enlist to invent a new brand,
refresh an existing brand or extend a brand laterally. 
Brandgarden can harness a wide range of development methodologies,
creative disciplines, professional skills and freelance expertise to deliver the brand concept your business needs.
Call or email too discuss your requirements and to arrange a free consultation.

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