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Synergy is the key to the optimum presentation of a brand.

Corporate identity is an essential element but it’s just a flag on the battlefield not a weapon. It is essential that the essence of a brand must remain the same and be consistent everywhere and in every situation it appears.

However, expression of a brand must be conceived to be effective as the medium, product, offer or situation requires.

To do this requires discipline and what can only be described as applied creativity.

Brand presentation is about managing perceptions of brand personality and building brand character. It is about protecting your investment in your brand whilst simultaneously growing it into a bankable business asset.

Brand presentation relates to every situation where your brand appears from business cards to exhibition stand, from signage and packaging to brochure and website to vehicles or even an explainer video.

Brand presentation will design and deploy the components that convey the values of a brand. It organises, controls and focuses brand communications to ensure a consistent brand character across all media channels.

brand presentation services include:

+ corporate video production
+ multi-media presentations
+ sales & product presentations
+ exhibition stand design & production
+ trade & business communications
+ logo and corporate identity design
+ corporate stationery design
+ corporate image guidelines manual
+ marketing collateral creation
+ sales literature production
+ graphic design & illustration
+ digital imagery & montage
+ point of sale creation and design
+ product packaging design
+ conference staging design
+ signage & banners
+ vehicle livery
+ graphic design
+ presentation writing

There are a number of ways that Brandgarden can help you develop a suite of brand assets. From compiling a library of images
and content to constructing a corporate manual to producing a corporate documentary film.
Call or email too discuss your requirements and to arrange a free consultation.

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