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Successful promotions depend on communicating a compelling proposition. But as a perceptive ad man once said: “It isn’t possible to sell anyone anything until you first have their attention”.

In terms of branding this is the heart of the challenge; to develop advertising that grabs the attention of the audience without undermining the values of the brand. The real creative task is to grab attention through building the values of the brand.

Both traditional print and digital marketing channels are incredibly noisy and competitive. Offer, price, deal, discount, incentive, gift, prize, challenge, content: how will your brand stand out, be noticed and stay true to character? Increasingly this requires a blend of brand advertising, combined with sales promotion, with elements of direct marketing, digital marketing deployed across multiple channels and social media. This is the new normal.

Brand promotion delivers the marketing communications that create awareness generate responses, drive sales and produce revenue or results.

Brand promotion services include:

creative and production of:
+ brand advertising
+ direct marketing
+ print, press and posters
+ direct mail campaigns
+ sales promotion initiatives
+ direct marketing
+ newsletter & magazines
+ catalogues & brochures
+ sales & marketing literature
+ press inserts
+ email campaigns
+ creative and art direction
+ project management

There are a number of ways that Brandgarden can help you develop a harmonised brand awareness
and sales promotion campaign. Brandgarden have the capabilities to orchestrate complex integrated campaigns
across the full spectrum of marketing communication channels.

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